The Nordic Group of Companies began under the leadership of W.R. Sauey, the son of Norwegian immigrant parents. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, W.R. chartered the Nordic Group’s first company, Flambeau, with an initial $2K loan in 1947. As a testament to the family’s tenacity and grit, the family-owned Nordic Group has grown into an international titan with more than $400 million annual revenue in just sixty short years. Their portfolio of companies spans the globe, from yo-yos and fishing accessories to school bus seats and personal and commercial transportation products.


Tomberlin — a division of the Columbia Vehicle Group, which is a subsidiary of the Nordic Group of Companies — manufacturers and distributes advanced electric vehicles designed for open neighborhoods, golf courses, master planned communities, and short distance commuting. Since the first Tomberlin street-legal, Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) was built, we’ve remained committed to designing vehicles with an emphasis on safety, performance, and styling while challenging the traditional conventions of what is expected in a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV).

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