E-Merge Special editions


Available in 6 Passenger

Loud and Proud, the 2023 BadAss wears it’s title like a badge of honor and has the features to back it up. This is not a car for the faint of heart. Settle into the luxurious custom embroidered CoolTouch seats, and custom diamond floor mats before you crank up the tunes. Featuring over 1000-watts of combined power from a dedicated subwoofer and Bluetooth sound bar, the audio will stir your soul and let everyone know you have arrived. Impressive performance comes from our industry leading EVOLVE lithium 10.1kWh battery pack while riding on a 6-in lift with huge 17” alloy wheels and automotive radial tires.


E-MERGE Beachcomber

Available in 4 and 6 Passenger

Whether you live on a beach or just wish you did, the 2023 Beachcomber will transport you and your crew in style. Custom embroidered CoolTouch seats will keep you cool, while non-slip teak style floormats and 3 new colors give a retro marine flair. Available in 2+2 and 4+2 configurations the XL fold down rear seat will carry coolers and your beach gear. The 6-in lift combined with hybrid on/off road tires and industry leading EVOLVE 10.1kWh Lithium battery pack will whisk you away on long trips to your secret hideaway.


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